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2K Adhesive Mixing System

Designed for Batching measured quantities of mixed ratio 2 Component mix adhesives.

The system is of a user friendly operation with a Readout and Keypad Controller, flow and no flow monitoring, automatic flow correction and recording data of time, date and batch log.

The system is designed for direct feeding to Automatic Robot guns or alternatively batch directly into a container/or pressure feed containers.

The system offers the following:-

Optional facility to print a ticket after each batch or alarm condition, batched quantity with time and date stamp.

The pre-programmed batch can be programmed directly by the operator, repeating batch quantities are executed by press the start command.

The flow rate is registered and computed and can be read directly from the control display.

The total quantity batched and the number of batches are recorded.  Even under power failure conditions, the actual process information is still retained in a memory.  This allows the process to résumé from where it was interrupted,

Password Protection

All settings, valves and actions can be protected with a password selected by the customer, the level of protection can be set.

No Flow Monitor

Following the start command the flow meters generate a signal, if this signal fails to come within the programmed time, an alarm is triggered.

The batch is interrupted and the latest process values are stored in the memory.

The cause of the Alarm is displayed on the LED screen; the alarm can be signalled to operate Audibly or Visually.

The No Flow Function detects the absence of materials ie either hardener or adhesive, through lack of material or a possible blockage.


All information stored can be sent to an optional printer, standard ASCII format through a RS485 connection.