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Automatic Coating Robots

Field of application

The coating robot GR 630 ST serves for automatic coating of small and large batch production.

Mode of operation

The robot is programmed in a self-teaching process. For doing this, the part to be coated is coated once with the robot arm moved manually. The robot arm is mechanically uncoupled in programming mode, so that it can be moved easily and without applying any force. The path of motions is stored and the robot repeats them exactly afterwards. The program can be edited at any time on the screen thus allowing the optimization of the working velocity or the modification of pistol parameters. With this programming method the lacquerer's experience and skill is transmitted intuitively to the program. No special computer or programming knowledge is required. Furthermore the robot can be programmed by "teach-in" and "point-to-point" methods.


Standard version. Articulated arm robot with six axes for linking to all available conveying systems. The robot can be optionally equipped in compliance with ATEX and thus can be used for the coating of solvent-containing materials.


  • Self-teaching process
  • No computer knowledge required
  • Optional explosion-proof with Atex certificate
  • Best suited even for small batch production
  • Short amortization period