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Denibbing Pads (New Design Coming August 2022)

The denibbing pad is a revolutionary product designed essentially for the wood industry and are completely Solvent Free, after use these can be washed and re-used until completely worn out due to their strong durability.

The shape, construction and controlled flexibility make this the most versatile sanding product available, producing the ultimate finish on moulded, turned and machined components in both soft and hard woods, MDF and veneers.

Following exhaustive trials within the furniture industry it has been established that the 100 and 150 grit pads are the most popular for pine and MDF respectively. There are however, various other grits available to suit every application.

We suggest you decide on the most suitable grit by trial, with samples readily available on request. The complete range of grits include: 60/80/100/150/180/220/320 @ £60.00 per box of 250 (each box contains 250 of the same grit).

Sanding Blocks and Hiflex pads - Details on request.

Denibbing Pad 1702Denibbing Pad 1703