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Field of application

The automatic rotary indexing unit 700 e serves for (partial) automatic coating of small and large batch production of different materials. Best suited for round and conical part geometry.

Mode of operation

The operating personnel places the parts to be coated onto especially adapted supports. The part is then transported automatically to the individual spray stations by indexing the rotary table. The rotary table is electrically driven. The working spindles are driven by an explosion-proof compressed-air engine, with 0 - 6.0 bar and 4 Nm. The spray stations are controlled by means of a PLC.


2 to 24 spindles are possible, depending on the application. The spindle speed is infinitely adjustable. The automatic rotary indexing unit can be provided and operated with a maximum of 5 spray stations. 2 of the spray stations are provided with a lifting device. The output of 2 to 12 pieces per minute depends on the geometry and size of the part to be coated and on the skill of the operating personnel.


  • 5 spray stations possible
  • Flexible use by solvent-resistant castors
  • Easy control
  • Internal coating possible by extension and lifting device